Thursday, 21 October 2010

Trash Happy

Hey people!

So i guess you know by now from my recent blogs i've been having a living nightmare on 3Ds max... stretched Daleks, locking the program in so many ways and countless crashes really did make me want to go incredible hulk on the damn thing (and who's with me?). So why am I writing today? I've had a little ebb of progress that's really made me happy! I made the bin :D!

That's long hours in the lab (with awesome help from 2nd and 3rd years,cheers) and i have something that actually looks like a bin...textured and everything, with added Saff realism it just shows my graft paid off.

I'm not going to lie, i've been quite terrified of the program, with it's tempremental ways - but now i feel really confident and ready to create my next project (a pool table for the G&G's)...hopefully i'll get a bit faster!

well that's all....just thought i'd share my excitement over something that's been worrying me for i'm off to take pictures of pool tables.


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