Monday, 6 December 2010

SNOW! and then some gaming...

So you've probably noticed by now that there's snow everywhere and it's BLOODY FREEZING! I hate snow as it is cold and messy. Ice is worse and my gloves pretty much melt with furry fluff everywhere at the moment...which is what i get for shopping at claire's accessories. Though the melty gloves are the link to the video below...I wore them in quite a Christmassy way :) so as this is a festive blog (and the songs and decorations etc. are probably killing you already) I'll cut a long story short....last Sunday this was me - 

Just thought I'd give you people out there an insight into what I actually do when I perform - as well as the usual (but posh as this was L'boro) banter at the start. This specifically, was at Charnwood's got Talent in Loughborough and yes it was also FREEZING! I managed to get third which was quite awesome, and in the post for me somewhere is £75 :) Also if you get the Loughborough Echo..I'm on page 3! (no kidding the pictures from the talent show are actually page 3...made me kill myself laughing). For the first time I actually thought I wouldn't get anywhere and I'd be home watching t.v. they called out my name and i screamed louder than a pensioner playing bingo (which to my experience on the clubs is actually pretty damn loud!)

I guess once you've seen me in that outfit I don't really have a comeback so I suppose I'll be wide open to gags these next weeks. although my week has also been quite cool - off the back of an earlier blog I managed to bag a job at GAME! Keeping with the Christmas theme it is a Christmas temp job - but tenacious as ever (which according to Heather I am, *grins*) I've taken it and on the first day (today) managed to sell 10 games and 5 Wii remotes (yeah... the people love the Wii remotes) and since I've got home I've done some quick market research ready for my next day (Wednesday). I really do think the people are nice there though, as they saved me from a scary shopper - seriously he made me repeat all the Kinect features again  and again and AGAIN and also asked if we stocked a Sega Saturn.....I mean I remember the Sega Saturn, although awesome it was in stock a long...long time ago. 'Nuff said. 

Anyways; with a tree to texture I'm off. I hope all your reviews went really well and erm, 
enjoy the vid ^^



  1. Those socks are awesome!!!!!!!!! :D
    I dare you to wear that outfit on the last week before Xmas \{*o*}/
    Great voice By the way :)

  2. you shop at Claire's Accessories? Lol!