Friday, 23 November 2012

I'm back!

So, last time I posted I was just starting my second year on Game Art Design. Now let me say a lot has changed since then!

I am now on the Fine Art Course, a switch I made because really I wasn't flourishing on the Game Design course. The teachers were awesome, and I did grasp some things but really, the technical elements became too much and I had to come to a decision  Do I keep trying on something that is making me ill? or do I swap to something else? Also I thought about where I am happiest. I am happiest at Goldhill Adventure Playground where I am now employed as the 'Art Lady'. So I resolved to study Fine Art and become a teacher myself. Having had very negative experiences with some teachers in my life this is something I am very passionate about and cannot wait to get into.

Also the last time I was here I was just setting up an Abba Tribute and duo - Diva. We are doing really well and have been booked up for the past year! I will post up dates if anyone wants to see!

So to the Art - I am really enjoying myself, especially in the sculpture aspects of the course, I have recently experimented in glass and metal this being my recent effort:

Mermaid test #1 blown glass 2012
I have also been to London and lived in a hostel for four days - this with me being a great achievement! I found I was like the leader of my group going round and was able to translate the London travel network myself. I really excelled making some great friends, something I previously struggled with. 

Us all in London
I am now really happy and cannot wait for the next project, Gravity and grace in which I am thinking of working with giant metal!



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  1. this is awesome amy :3 im so glad your happy now. that glass peice looks beautiful <3 im a little envious of your courage to jump ships. I hope this all works out for you :) and that you have found your calling.